Distillery Compositors combine rendered images and elements quickly and elegantly to create beautiful, original, photo-real images for feature film, TV, and cinematic projects.


  • Compositors at Distillery VFX primarily create high-quality digital composites and visual effects, seamlessly integrating all elements into a shot.

  • They exhibit a strong foundation in traditional, photorealistic, and digital art skills with an emphasis photo-realism.

  • They work with live action footage, digital still photography, rendered computer graphic elements, and digital paint to create realistic composites.

  • Full shot compositing including keying, paint and roto when required.

  • Produce work quickly under tight production timelines.

  • Participates in team reviews of work under development.

  • Mentors Apprentice and Jr. Artists and must be able to assist them with their shots.

  • Meets defined milestones within a timeline by attending dailies and participating in creative problem solving.

  • Creates work self-sufficiently, in many cases from start to finish across a shot.

Core Competencies:

  • High level of problem solving and creative thinking skills.

  • Strong English communication skills.

  • Ability to quickly learn and leverage new software.

  • Time management and organizational skills.

  • Strong teamwork and interdisciplinary thinking.

  • Keen artistic eye.

Education and Experience:

  • Highly experienced with Nuke. Knowledge of other compositing, finishing & editorial tools a plus.

  • Strong knowledge of compositing workflows and other aspects of post-production.

  • Strong knowledge and ability in perspective, photography, and physics of light and motion.

  • Artistic ability in one or more traditional mediums (impressive portfolio of figure drawing, landscape, animals, painting, composition, perspective, etc.) a plus.

  • CG experience a plus.

  • Comparable software experience considered.

  • At least three years of relevant professional tv/film experience.

  • Demo Reel required, please link in your CV/resume or response.

Who we are:

Distillery VFX is a full-service boutique visual effects studio in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and an ensemble of experienced compositors and 3D generalists focused on delivering high-end environment and compositing work.  Our namesake is derived from our team’s deepest core value: to refine our processes and workflows to their purest and most efficient forms. 

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